How Much You Can Get, If You Work as Travel Agent

How much do travel agents make a year? Have you ever asked this question to your friend or even to the travel agent that you hire? You will get many answers. And, most of those answers can’t be said quite accurate to tell you how much salary that a travel agent receives. Therefore, we provide some information about this matter below. Hopefully, it can clear your curiosity and it can become your reference.

How Much Do Travel Agents Make as Employees of Travel Agency?

Basically, a travel agent can receive payment from two sources. They can get it from the salary from the company where they work as a travel agent. On the other hand, they also can receive a commission for every sale that they made. For travel agents that work for a company or as an employee, they also get this kind of income.

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Now, for the number itself, there are many variations. But, according to The Travel Institute’s study, The Changing Face of Travel Agents, the amount of money that travel agent get can be divided into 3 categories. 37% of travel agent receives an annual income of less than $24,000. 25% receive from $24,000 to $59,999. And, the rest of it can get more than $60,000 a year.
All those numbers are included the salary and commission that the travel agent received. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find the exact number from these companies. They keep it as one of the important secrets of the company. And, that’s how much do travel agents make, if they work in a company.

How Much Do Travel Agents Make as Corporate Employees or Manager?

This is totally different. Basically, the employee salary that we explained above is the salary for the employee. Above them, there is a person that takes charge of these employees. They also can be considered to be travel agents, because they also work in this industry. They also communicate with the client that wants to use the service.

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For this part, there are many sources that we used to find out the data about how much do travel agents make. The first one is the data from Zip Recruiter. According to this company, the salary of the corporate level travel agent is from $12,500 to $100,500 a year. So, if take an average, it will be around $47,877 a year.
However, you need to remember that this information doesn’t include the tier, position, or experience of the travel agent. In this industry, those 3 has a big effect on how much you can get. But, with that information, at least we know the average number of corporate-level travel agent salary amount.
For a travel manager or supervisor, we get it from Business Travel News (BTN) data. According to this data, in 2018, the average salary of this position is $115,306 a year. Compared to 2017, this number shows an increase. So, we can see it as a good thing for the tourism industry. It means more people want and need a vacation. Therefore the demand for travel agent help is increasing.

How Much Do Travel Agents Make When They Work from Home?

Nowadays, you can easily book a hotel or travel package without leaving your house. Just use your computer or mobile gadget, use an app or open the travel website, then book it online. This is also the reason why many travel agents can do their job from their home.
Mostly, the travel agents that work from home are categorized by using their experiences. Their experience also becomes something like their CV that can attract many clients. In the simplest word, a home-based travel agent with more experience will “mostly” earn more. Why we quote the “mostly” word? A home based travel agent use the internet to promote their service.

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So, if you are good in this online marketing, you can even earn more than those who have run this business for years. But, we found out that the new agent with an amazing marketing strategy still incapable to top the amount of money of those who have a lot of experience (more than 3 years experiences). Less than that, you have a chance to receive more.
Now, let’s take a look at the number. For a travel agent who has more than 3 years experience, at least, they can receive $40,000 a year. Less than 3 years of experiences, mostly they only receive $5,000 on average. Why is it so small?
Most of the travel agents that work from home are doing this job as part-time. Therefore, the intensity in doing this job is lower than those who start a real travel agent company or work at it. And, that’s how much do travel agents make from working at home.

Working as a Travel Agent

After you know about how much salary you can get from travel agent job, now are you interested to try this job? If you do, firstly, you must know one thing. What do travel agents do? This is m important thing to know before you start.
Basically, a travel agent becomes a bridge for the client and the client’s best vacation. The travel agent must help and make their client feel as comfortable as they can when the client wants to travel. In the simplest word, if you can make your client pay and go for a vacation without thinking about complicated processes, like booking, where to stay, what place to visit, and other, that’s the sign that you are a good travel agent.
That means you must become knowledgeable about travel services, such as the best hotel, cheaper flight ticket and such. A travel agent also must be able to create a schedule or plan for the client, so their client can enjoy their vacation at the fullest.
How do you become a travel agent? There are a lot of  programs that can help you with this. Just find it on the internet. There are also specific courses you can take to get certification, to increase your credibility, which can lead to more clients you can get. So, try it now!

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